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poster Session

Posters of general interest to the PICES Scientific Committees, including those not necessarily matching the themes of the Topic Sessions and workshops, are welcome.

Posters will be on display from Monday to Thursday, 7-10 November, until the end of the 2nd Evening Poster Session/Reception. Poster presenters are expected to be available near their poster to answer questions during Tuesday and Thursday Receptions.

The preferred max size of a poster is 36 inches wide x 48 inches high.

Please add your photograph to the right upper corner of your poster.

The maximum size that will physically fit in the area for one poster is 48" wide x 48" high, but we recommend that posters not use the full 48" width. The poster boards are 4' high by 8' across and will be shared by two posters on each side. For most poster boards there will be other poster boards adjacent. If each poster uses only the recommended 36" width, then there will be some space between posters for the poster owners to stand, but not block the majority of the poster they are discussing. If you absolutely require a full 48 x 48 poster, it can be accommodated, but you will be strongly discouraged from standing in front of a neighbors poster so that your poster is visible.


Location of the Poster Session at the OMNI Hotel: