General Information

A valid passport is required. Entry visas may be necessary depending on participant's nationality. Please refer to this website to check if you can get a Visa Waiver.

It is recommended that participants check whether your countries are under Visa waiver countries or granted visa-free entry. If not, participants need to apply for visa (type C-3). If you are a civil/public servant employed by a foreign government or an international organization in a non-diplomatic capacity travelling on an official mission, you may need to apply for A-2 visa.

Deadline for an invitation letter request

Please note that new requests for letters will not be accepted after April 7th since it takes time to get an official invitation letter and to deliver the original hardcopy to the applicant. Please send your request form to as early as possible before that date, even if your travel arrangements are not finalized.



Fill out the REQUEST FORM pdf or .doc and email it along with the PASSPORT copy (only the page containing your PHOTO) in jpeg / gif format and any questions/concerns regarding your visa application process to

Duration of an Invitation Letter issuance will be 2~3 weeks. Some diplomatic missions may ask for the traveler to submit the original hardcopy, others will accept an invitation letter sent by email. Best to contact the consulate and ask what they need. Korea will send invitation letters through email, but also through mail, in case the particular diplomatic mission requests the original hardcopy.

For official invitation letters please


Ms. Saeseul Kim
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology
787 Haean-ro(St.), Sangnok-gu, Ansan city, Gyeonggi Province 15627, R Korea
Phone : +82-31-400-7759
Fax : +82-31-406-6925


When you receive an invitation letter, submit your VISA application at the Korean Embassy or any Korean Consulate in your country. Processing time differs from country to country.

Additional Information:

VISA Instruction Guide (pdf, 5 Mb)
Type C-3 Visa
Type A-2 visa