Map of the different locations for transport and venue
(still in progress)


Option 1. Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen)

  • Where: Departs right outside the airport, below ground level.
  • Time: Takes about 45 minutes and departs every 5-10 minutes. The last stop is the town centre of Bergen (Byparken). From there you can transfer to the bus no. 4 to Flaktveit, for 2 stops or walk to the venue. (See locations on map)
  • Tickets: You can buy a ticket with a credit card or cash at the machine in the arrival hall, outside or at the platform.
  • Good to know: Buy a ticket for zone A. The light rail got two lines Line no. 1. Is the only one that goes from the airport.
  • Price: 40 NOK one-way.

Option 2. The Airport Bus (Flybussen)

  • Where: Departs right outside the airport, at ground level.
  • Time: Takes 35 min. The bus has 6 stops in the town centre, one being the venue hotel. The stop is called Dreggsallmenningen and is right outside the hotel.
  • Tickets: You can buy a ticket on the internet, or from the bus driver with cash or credit card.
  • Price (internet): 149 NOK one way. A return ticket is 129 NOK each way. If you buy on the internet you may travel on any departure for that day, even if they make you pick a departure time. You can buy your ticket from the driver on the day, this will cost extra.

Option 3. Taxi

  • Where: Departs right outside the airport, at the ground level.
  • Time: Takes 20-30 minutes
  • Good to know: There are several taxi companies. And the prices vary.
  • Price: The 07000 company being the one with the best price, has a max price ranging between 475 NOK on weekdays and 525 NOK on the weekend, for a ride to town. Ask for the flat rate to town. An airport change of 26 NOK will be added, and an extra fee of 7 NOK.

Things to do and about Bergen
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