Background and Objectives

Managing for sustainable use of the Earth's marine and coastal systems

​​​​​The challenge in supporting enhanced and sustainable uses of the marine domain is to enable current and future growth in the blue economy, and the associated development of coastal livelihoods, while equally supporting sustainable social, economic and environmental outcomes. This challenge explicitly involves managing human impacts on the earth's marine and coastal systems, and managing the feedback of these impacts on coastal communities, industries, stakeholders, society in general. To fully address this topic, an evaluation of marine socio-ecological systems is warranted. Exploration of tools to specifically evaluate these socio-ecological systems is needed, timely, and has not yet systematically been done.​

NEW INFORMATION: Due to the COVID-19 situation and restrictions on global travel the MSEAS-2020 Symposium is further postponed but a Virtual Teaser Event is planned for December 2021.

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