poster Session

Poster Session will be held on April 18, from 18:00 - 20:00.

Location: Symposium Venue, Posters will be in the Conference and Course Centre reception, and likely some of the Draggen rooms if we need more space, so you can get a coffee and browse the posters.
Floor Plan

Two drinks per person and finger food will be served during Poster Session.

The posters can be mounted on Tuesday, April 18.

All in-person participants' posters will be on display April 18-20.

In addition to the Poster Session at the venue, where in-person poster participants' posters will be displayed on the poster boards and discussed, we will also host online digital posters of all poster presenters (in-person and on-line) on the conference app for the week of the conference and several weeks after.

All presenters (in-person and on-line participants) are expected to upload their posters though the Whova App used for the Symposium.
Prefferred poster format - PDF.
On-line presenters can also upload short 5-min video presentations (MP4, 100 MB maximum) along with their PDF format posters.
Please upload your posters and videos by April 10, 2023

In the Poster section on Whova, all posters will have their own open chat log for questions and discussions with the presenter.

Details about accessing Whova and uploading posters.

Poster presenters are expected to be available at their posters for 90 min. (18:30-20:00) to answer questions during this Poster Session/Reception. Your poster numbers will be listed at the end of the program (e.g. S2-P6). You will find labels with your sessions and posters numbers on the boards.

The size of a poster is A0 (841 x 1189 mm), PORTRAIT-oriented.
should NOT exceed the maximum dimensions of the poster board (960 x 1380 mm)

Please add your photograph to the right upper corner of your poster.

All in-person presenters are expected to print and bring their posters to the Symposium.

If you wish to print your poster in Bergen, please contact
Make Graphics:
Phone: +47 55 55 30 55

Important Dates
March 28, 2023
March 31, 2023
Deadline All participants will receive emails with access to Whova App. for opening accounts.
Contact us if you have any problems.
April 5, 2023
Deadline Email recorded talks to PICES Secretariat.
April 10, 2023
Deadline For in-person and on-line presenters to upload their posters on Whova App..
September 30, 2023
Deadline Manuscript sumbission to the ICES Journal of Marine Science for the Special Volume.
January 2023
Confirmation Deadlines PAST Deadline
  1. Confirm your presentations and attendance
    (financial support applicants who are still waiting for grant notifications, confirm presentations and attendance when you receive grant notifications).
  2. Confirm your financial support acceptance
    (applicants who are still waiting for grant notifications, confirm when you receive grant notifications).
January 31, 2023
PAST Deadline Closes
  1. Discounted Registration Fee
    (extended from Jan. 15, 2023)
December 22, 2022
PAST Deadline
  1. Financial support grant notification
    (For some applicants - January 2023. Thank you for your patience)
December 15, 2022
PAST Deadline Abstract Notification Deadline
  1. Abstract acceptance notification
November 5, 2022 (extended)
July 5, 2022
PAST Deadline
  1. Discounted Registration Fee
  2. Abstract submission
  3. CV and Financial support application
January 31, 2022