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For 29 years, PICES has conducted investigations of North Pacific ecosystems. There has been a significant focus on multidecadal ecological processes and a more recent emphasis on the impacts of changes in the ocean on the human societies that rely on the North Pacific. The FUTURE Science Plan has identified several important science questions about the status and future of North Pacific marine ecosystems. As a result, PICES scientists are well-positioned to contribute to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. It is now urgent for PICES scientists to identify the most important science questions which must be answered to achieve the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals and to suggest effective ways to answer these questions, mobilizing the coordination within PICES and collaborations with other partners.

We welcome submissions for topic sessions and workshops that address these issues, including : 1) What are the greatest issues of concern regarding the status and health of the North Pacific Ocean, 2) Are there critical science issues for ocean Sustainable Development Goals that PICES is not addressing? and 3) What kind of blueprint is necessary to facilitate the coordinated ocean observation, prediction and ecosystem and social service systems for the North Pacific, so that the diverse interests of PICES significantly contribute to the goals and objectives of the UN Ocean Decade.