General Informaiton

A successful registration for the Symposium does not guarantee entrance to Portugal. Participants from some countries may require a visa to travel to Portugal. Please refer to the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate of your choice to check whether you need a visa and to know the details of the application procedure. A list of countries with visa requirements and information on where visas are to be issued can be found here. Due to the time required for visa processing and issuing, those wishing to attend the Symposium should submit their visa application as early as possible, and at least 15 working days before departure from the country of origin.

Official letter of invitation

A letter of invitation from the host country is required for the visa application.

Those in need of official letters of invitation should should contact Ms. Patrícia Pereira and/or Ms. Inês Moura Martins and provide the following information :

  1. name, as it appears on passport
  2. date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  3. nationality
  4. passport number
Please provide a copy of a passport photo page (pdf or jpeg format) to speed up the process.