Working Group 38: Mesoscale and Submesoscale Processes
Terms of Reference
  1. Review and document the current understanding of meso-/submeso-scale processes and their impact in the North Pacific.
  2. Summarize the detection, observation and modeling methods of meso-/submeso-scale processes.
  3. Classify meso-/submeso-scale features, and identify their spatio-temporal variations.
  4. Compare the impacts of meso-/submeso-scale processes on heat/material transport and marine ecosystems between areas in the PICES region.
  5. Convene a session or workshop on meso-/submeso-scale processes at PICES Annual Meetings.
  6. Publish a final report summarizing results.
Prof. Sung Yong Kim (AP-NPCOOS, MONITOR, WG-38)
Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (EFML)
Department of Mechanical Engineering, KAIST
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, Korea, R 34141
(82-42) 350-1523
(82-42) 350-1510
Dr. Young-Gyu Park (WG-38)
Physical Oceanography Division
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST)
787 Haean-ro
Ansan, Korea, R 15627
(82-31) 400-6131
(82-31) 408-5829
Dr. Olga O. Trusenkova (WG-38)
Laboratory of Physical Oceanography
V.I. Il'ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute (POI), FEB RAS
43 Baltiyskaya St.
Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray
Russia 690041
(7-4232) 313-087
(7-4232) 312-573
Dr. Elena I. Ustinova (POC, WG-38)
Laboratory of Fisheries Oceanography
Pacific Scientific Research Fisheries Center (TINRO-Center)
4 Shevchenko Alley
Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray
Russia 690091
(7-423) 260-4530
(7-423) 230-0751