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ECCWO-2018 Program At-A-Glance

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Recent Changes:

June 8 schedule changes

S1, June 8, 14:20 Talk Cancelled: Celina Scott-Buechler* (Student)
Regional scale coral bleaching is a new phenomenon in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles
S1, June 8, 14:20 Talk REPLACEMENT: Mary Elizabeth Livingston
New Zealand fisheries and climate change effects on the ocean: A wake up call

S14, June 8, 14:00 Talk Cancelled: Katherine Maltby* (Student)
Socio-ecological approaches to exploring climate change impacts: A case study of UK fisheries
S14, June 8, 14:00 Talk REPLACEMENT: Mark Payne
Marine climate-change’s tropical blindspot

June 2 schedule changes

W9, June 2, 9:15 Invited Talk Cancelled : Mohamed Abdel-Karim Aly Abdrabo
The risk of inundation by sea level rise: The Nile Delta

W9, June 2, 11:30 Talk Cancelled: Mbachu Ikechuwku* (Student)
Assessing attitudinal response and perception of the threat of sea level rise: A case study of the coastal area of the Niger Delta

June 3 schedule changes

W3, June 3, 11:15 Talk Cancelled: Ibukun Jacob Adewumi* (Student)
Using resilience assessment to understand the dynamics of marine socio-ecological systems in order to inform climate-change-smart marine spatial planning processes

W7, June 3: Updated Agenda

June 5 schedule changes

S1, June 5, 17:40 Talk Cancelled : Charlotte Laufkötter
Attribution of recent marine heat waves to anthropogenic climate change
S1, June 5, 17:40 Talk REPLACEMENT: Franklin Ormaza-González
"El Niño Costero" 2017 in Niño 1+2 or the Carnival Coastal Warming event?

S13, June 5, 9:05 Plenary Talk Cancelled : David Allen Hutchins
Interactions of global change with nutrient limitation of marine primary producers: How do we get from experimental bottles to whole ecosystem responses?
S13, June 5, 9:05 Plenary Talk REPLACEMENT : Sarah Cooley (Invited)
How can we use imperfect knowledge to inform management of ecosystems facing multiple drivers?

S13, June 5, 15:00 Talk Cancelled: George Leonard
OSIRIS: A new analytical framework for evaluating compounding climate stressors in the ocean
S13, June 5, 15:00 Talk REPLACEMENT: Elliott Hazen
A dynamic ocean management approach to reduce bycatch in the California Drift Gillnet fishery

June 7 schedule changes

S11, June 7, 12:00 Talk Cancelled: Amrit Mishra* (Student)
Short term CO2 enrichment increases carbon metabolism of air-exposed inter tidal seagrass communities
S11, June 7, 12:00 Talk REPLACEMENT: Kathryn Morrissey* (Student)
Diving deeper into the algal holobiont: Exploring effects of environmental changes on bacterial diversity

S17, June 7, 11:10 Invited Talk Cancelled: Xuelei Zhang
Recurrent green tides in the southern Yellow Sea: The process, drivers and way forward

S17, June 7, 16:20 Talk Cancelled: Keliang Chen
Advancing the practice of marine eco-compensation in China: Knowledge synthesis from implementation


S5-P6 Poster Cancelled: James Ianelli
Dynamic changes in two eastern Bering Sea groundfish stocks and relative impacts of temperature-dependent growth and their consequences for fisheries management

S11-P3 Poster Cancelled: Tatyana Belan
Long-term changes of marine environment conditions in the north part of Amursky Bay (the Sea of Japan/ East Sea)

S13-P8 Poster Cancelled: Sezgin Tunca* (Student)
Game theory applications to Baltic Sea Multispecies and Multi-fleet fisheries under climate variability

W8-P2 Poster Cancelled: Varis Ransibrahmanakul
The Great Lakes: A visual description of the changes in weather patterns from 1979 to 2002, and water quality from 2002 to 2015