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Zooplankton Art Exhibition Announcement
Drifters Revealed: From the Nets of Tasmania and Beyond

Curious about the mysteries lurking beneath our ocean’s surface? Come and witness the captivating world of zooplankton through the eyes of artists and scientists at “Drifters Revealed: From the Nets of Tasmania and Beyond.” Immerse yourself in this exhibition featuring new works from 28 talented artists and scientists, showcasing diverse interpretations of zooplankton through a multitude of artistic expressions and mediums.

Explore an impressive array of artworks encompassing ceramics, metal sculpture, jewellery, paintings, print-making, macro-photography, and other multimedia creations. Marvel at the creative expressions not only from Tasmania but also from artists across the globe—Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, Mexico, and Norway. Most artworks exhibited will be available for purchase, providing a unique opportunity to own a piece inspired by zooplankton. This even coincides with the “7th International ICES-PICES Zooplankton Production Symposium,” gathering zooplankton scientists worldwide in Hobart, Tasmania.

Art-Science exhibition is running in parallel with our conference.

Official Opening: Sunday the 17th of March – 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
Dates: 18th to 22nd March 2024
Venue: Bond Store basement at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Dunn Place, Hobart, Tasmania 7000

This event welcomes the public to immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of zooplankton through art. Experience the wonder of zooplankton, as interpreted by artists and scientists alike. Save the dates and become part of this enriching experience at “Drifters Revealed: From the Nets of Tasmania and Beyond.”

For further details and inquiries, please contact the exhibition curator and zooplankton ecologist, Dr. Christine Weldrick, at (

About the Digital Video Media Event
A Silver Lining in the Darkest Sea

A Silver Lining in the Darkest Sea is an exceptional digital media event amplifying the passion of global explorers who illuminate the darkest nights with torches, suspending a line in the calm waters from the seas in Florida, Mexico, and Japan. Each immersion presents an opportunity to unveil new discoveries. These explorers are not in pursuit of the ocean’s giants but its smallest inhabitants—the nightly ascendants in what’s described as the world’s largest migration—the zooplankton.

Linda, Frida, Ryo, and other explorers offer us a chance to perceive the sea through diverse lenses. They drift with the currents, akin to plankton, following the mesmerizing diversity of nocturnal sea life. Through their cameras, each shot captures behaviour previously unknown to scientists, revealing these creatures in their natural environment. This exhibition serves as an appetizer, enticing you to dive deeper. Immerse yourself in their work, art, and even the science behind it.

For further details and inquiries about the digital video event, please contact the digital media curator and zooplankton ecologist, Dr. Julian Uribe Palomino, at
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