Symposium Poster and ARTWORK

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Art for the website was digitally illustrated by Dr. Christine Weldrick. The concentric circles in the centre were inspired by the theme ‘new horizons’ where each circle reflected a new view, a new magnification, or a new perspective on zooplankton research, technological advancements and approaches. Dr. Weldrick felt that ‘new horizons’ also inspired the concept of space, and she created a background design, filled with hand-drawn zooplankton drifting in the water column, which resemble the stars and constellations in colours that signify both ocean depths and outer space. Dr. Weldrick is a postdoctoral researcher in Antarctic zooplankton ecology with the Australian Antarctic Program Partnership in Hobart, Tasmania. In her spare time, she enjoys dabbling in natural science illustration using a variety of media.


It is difficult to appreciate something when it is mostly invisible to the naked eye and even more when it is hidden under the water surface. Plankton is one of the most diverse communities of organisms on this planet and this importance is also reflected in their diversity of shapes and sizes. The images presented by Uribe-Palomino are a small selection of specimens that brings us familiar ‘faces’ and colourful characters that we would not be able to see without magnification. From the large Antarctic Krill to the tiny rotifers, and from the transparency of microcrustaceans to the intricate colourful reflection of copepods like Sapphirina, all of them capture our curiosity to discover the world of plankton. Julian Uribe-Palomino is a Plankton Researcher at CSIRO, whose passion is reflected in the images of his research work. Julian’s photography is made possible by the collaboration between CSIRO and the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS).

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