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Keynote Speaker

Fangli Qiao
First Institute of Oceanography (FIO), Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), China

Dr. Qiao, Academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, is a senior scientist of physical oceanography and the Deputy Director General of the First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources of China. His research interests cover ocean and climate model development, ocean dynamics, turbulence and air-sea interaction etc. He established the non-breaking surface wave-induced mixing (Bv) theory and discovered the Bv generation mechanism through wave-turbulence interaction. The Bv has been used by tens of research centers from different countries. He developed the first in the world new generation surface wave-tide-circulation fully coupled ocean model (FIO-COM) which overcomes the ground challenge for half a century of too shallow simulated mixed layer depth especially in summer, the atmosphere-ocean-wave coupled Typhoon model (FIO-AOW) which greatly enhances the Typhoon intensity forecasting ability, and the earth system model including surface waves (FIO-ESM v1.0 and 2.0) which kills more than half of the long-standing tropical biases. Dr. Qiao is a member of the Executive Planning Group of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, Co-chair of IOC/WESTPAC, Editor-in-chief of Ocean Modelling etc. He has received numerous academic awards including the 2014 Wooster Award of PICES as well as National Innovation Awards of China.