Trust Fund

(Approved by Council on April 18, 2006)

The PICES Trust Fund was established in 1994 according to Financial Regulation 6(i) to facilitate participation of a broad spectrum of scientists in activities of the Organization. The Trust Fund is administered by the Executive Secretary according to guidelines established by the Governing Council.



  1. The Executive Secretary shall accept voluntary contributions to the Trust Fund in accordance with Financial Regulations 6(viii) and 7;
  2. At the discretion of the Council, the Trust Fund may be replenished by transfers from the Working Capital Fund.


  1. Subject to Rule of Procedure 1(iii), any scientist from a PICES Contracting Party may apply to the Executive Secretary for support from the Trust Fund to participate in an activity of the Organization.


  1. The resources of the Trust Fund may be used to:
    1. facilitate participation by scientists in events that are approved by the Council;
    2. support PICES award-winning1 scientists to attend Annual Meetings;
    3. support visits by scientists to laboratories for collaboration or training related to scientific projects sponsored by the Organization;
    4. support the PICES Intern Program;
    5. support other activities as may be approved by the Council from time to time.
    1  Young scientists honoured by a PICES Committee or Program for “best presentation” at the most recent PICES Annual Meeting.


  1. Applications must reach the Executive Secretary at least 60 days before the proposed activity, unless specified otherwise. Applicants must normally provide:
    1. a description of their role in the activity;
    2. their expertise, including a short CV;
    3. the expected benefits for the Organization from their participation;
    4. the amount requested and the total amount received previously from the PICES Trust Fund;
    5. the availability of other sources of funds to support their participation.
    The Executive Secretary may require other information to be included in the application.
  2. The Executive Secretary shall inform the Point of Contact of a Contracting Party when an application is received for a scientist of that Party.


  1. Subject to the availability of funds and the perceived benefit to the Organization, the Executive Secretary will select the recipients from among the eligible applicants to balance the following objectives:
    1. encouraging participation by early-career scientists;
    2. supporting applicants who are able to contribute to the cost of their participation;
    3. giving priority to new or infrequent applicants for Trust Fund resources;
    4. achieving a balance of disbursements among Contracting Parties.


  1. At the discretion of the Executive Secretary, disbursements may be paid to applicants by grant or by re-imbursement in amounts not to exceed those established for the staff of the Organization.


  1. In accordance with Financial Regulation 6(viii), the Executive Secretary shall report at each Annual Meeting on the condition of the Trust Fund, including the contributions and applications received, and their disposition.