A “Section” represents a sub-committee under a Scientific Committee that has a longer lifespan than a Working Group. Its purpose is to provide input to the parent Scientific Committee on specific issues for which expertise may be lacking on the parent committee. Sections should be reviewed periodically to ensure they continue to meet their objectives.

Active Sections:

  • S-MBM: Section on Marine Birds and Mammals
    (PICES-2015 - PICES-2026)
  • S-CCME: Section on Climate Change Effects on Marine Ecosystems
    (PICES-2011 – PICES-2025)
  • S-HAB: Section on Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms in the North Pacific
    (PICES-2003 – PICES-2025)
  • S-CC: Section on Carbon and Climate
    (PICES-2005 – PICES-2027)

Disbanded Sections:

  • S-HD: Section on Human Dimensions of Marine Systems
    (PICES-2011 – PICES-2016)