Study Group: encouraging Data Awareness and increased Transmission and Accessibility
The UN Decade of Ocean Science singles out the importance of Data, metadata, and information management and practices across the globe. However, recent reviews by TCODE of PICES data policy, and discussion from the workshop on Openly Discoverable, Accessible, and Reusable Data and Information in the U.N. Decade, have revealed shortcomings in data flow, awareness, and management structures and IT within PICES. The UNDOS is data and IT driven, and outcomes demand a ‘digital ecosystem’ for all ocean-related data, metadata, information, and products and services. In order for this data and information to be considered reliable and usable, it must adhere to certain standards and quality assurances (some standards are still being developed within the UN Decade data framework). In order for PICES records, data, and information to be maintained and relevant within the UN Decade digital ecosystem, significant focus and effort must be applied to ensure proper data and information management and connectability with UN Decade digital infrastructure.

Additionally, connections between TCODE and other programs both within PICES and beyond, need to be strengthened. In order to improve PICES ‘data culture’, motivation for sharing of data needs to also change. This study group will work to explore practical ways in which to make this happen. PICES data and information flow needs to be identified and bolstered. Development of data flow protocols may help each project and expert group maintain proper data and information management. Metadata catalogs are to become core elements of data management. Additionally, further investigation is warranted to fully understand the potential for PICES data, information and management and integration with UN Decade digital platforms.
Terms of Reference
  • To assess existing best practices, and complete a PICES data flow diagram;
  • To gather lessons learned from past, ongoing and planned projects, programs and initiatives;
  • To identify solutions for known problems and bottlenecks regarding sharing of data within PICES and beyond;
  • To facilitate harvesting of PICES metadata catalog records by UN Decade data platforms (like ODIS);
  • To draft a checklist of questions to promote data sharing and the reproducibility of results for paper/report submissions;
  • To consider what kind of infrastructure would be sufficient to enable those with “small” and “besides” science data who wished to contribute to a digital commons environment;
  • To consider how to make FUTURE, IPOD organic parts of the future UNDOS digital ecosystem;
  • To increase collaboration between TCODE and other PICES programs like Smartnet, in addition to external collaborations (ICES DIG).
  • To identify a digital platform that is accessible by all PICES member nations/constituents for use in simultaneous document editing and updates that can be used by all committees and expert groups for more efficient and effective communications and work.
  • To review the current PICES data management policy and forward any changes/edits to TCODE, SB, and GC for approval.
  • New Study Group SG-DATA Membership Drs. Daisuke Ambe and Daiki Ito (Japan); Ms. Chunhua Han and Fangfang Wan (China).
    12/29/2022 7:23:46 PM PST
Dr. Daisuke Ambe (SG-DATA, TCODE)
Marine Environment Division, Fisheries Stock Assessment Center, Fisheries Resources Institute
Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA)
2-12-4 Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa
Japan 236-8648
Dr. Daiki Ito (SG-DATA, TCODE)
Fisheries Resources Institute
Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA)
Fukuura 2-12-4, Kanazawa-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa
Japan 236-8648
Ms. Chunhua Han (SG-DATA)
Marine Data Center
National Marine Data and Information Service
No. 93 Liuwei Rd., Hedong District
Tianjin, People's Republic of China 300171
+86 22 24010833
Ms. Fangfang Wan (SG-DATA, TCODE)
TCODE Vice-Chair
Marine Data Center
National Marine Data and Information Service
93 Liuwei Rd., Hedong District
Tianjin, People's Republic of China 300171