Joint PICES-PSC Study Group on Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific Ocean
The North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) and Pacific Salmon Commission (PSC) are Intergovernmental Organizations with a shared interest in Pacific salmon productivity and overlapping geographic areas of focus. A more formal relationship would be mutually beneficial; PICES could provide access to relevant marine ecosystem science through platforms such as workshops and topic sessions at Annual meetings and the PSC can provide a salmon research focus and access to salmon data for PICES scientists. Improvements in our understanding of climate change and marine factors affecting Pacific Salmon population dynamics can lead to advancements in population modeling and stock assessment research. The improved collaboration should allow PICES and PSC scientists to add value to their science, provide synergies on regional and global issues, and enhance the visibility of both Organizations. The collaboration would contribute to the success of both Organizations by:
  • enhancing the current understanding of Pacific Salmon status and trends, climate change impacts and associated management implications;
  • promoting the collection of, and access to, data, models and other information; and
  • identifying gaps in knowledge and needs that should be addressed.
Statement of Purpose
The purpose of a joint PICES-PSC Study Group on Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific is to develop a framework of enhanced collaboration between the two Organizations to achieve a greater understanding of coastal and high seas ecosystem structure and variability, and its effect on the dynamics and production of Pacific Salmon populations. The Study Group will review each organization’s scientific needs and identify where similar key questions or scientific issues might be explored jointly by both organizations specified as follows.
Terms of Reference
  1. Review existing and planned scientific activities of each organization;
  2. Develop a list of potential priority areas of cooperation;
  3. Identify potential collaborative mechanisms such as reciprocal consultations, representation at each other’s meetings, joint workshops and symposia, and joint Working Groups;
  4. Propose practical steps for cooperation between the organizations in the near future;
  5. Draft the Framework for Collaborative Research Opportunities or Memorandum of Understanding between PICES and PSC and its duration (e.g. open-ended or for a renewable 5 years).
Dr. Sonia D. Batten (Secretariat, SG-ER, SG-PICES-APN, SG-SCPSC)
Executive Secretary
PICES Secretariat
9860 W. Saanich Rd., P.O. Box 6000
Sidney, BC
Canada V8L 4B2
(1-250) 363-6364
(1-250) 363-6827
Dr. Diana Dobson (SG-SCPSC)
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
3225 Stephenson Point Rd.
Nanaimo, BC
Canada V9T 1K3
Mr. John Field (SG-SCPSC)
Executive Secretary
Pacific Salmon Commission
600-1155 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6E1B5
604 684 8081 x622
Ms. Cara Fogliato (SG-SCPSC)
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, DFO-MPO
Suite 200 401 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6C 3S4
Dr. Jackie R. King (FIS, SG-SCPSC)
FIS Vice-Chair, SG-SCPSC Co-Chair
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Pacific Biological Station
3190 Hammond Bay Rd.
Nanaimo, BC
Canada V9T 6N7
(1-250) 756-7176
(1-250) 756-7053
Dr. Catherine G.J. Michielsens (SG-SCPSC)
Pacific Salmon Commission
600 - 1155 Robson St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6E 1B5
Mr. Anjum Mutakabbir (SG-SCPSC)
Policy and Economic Analysis
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Suite 200 401 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6C 3S4
Dr. Satoshi Honda (SG-SCPSC)
Salmon Research Department, Fisheries Resources Institute
Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA)
2-4-1 Nakanoshima-nijo, Toyohira-ku
Sapporo, Hokkaido
Japan 062-0922
Dr. Edward Farley (SG-SCPSC)
17109 Pt. Lena Loop Rd.
Juneau, AK
U.S.A. 99801
(1-907) 789-6085
Dr. Scott M. Rumsey (SG-SCPSC)
1201 NE Lloyd Blvd, Suite 1100
Portland, OR
U.S.A. 97232
Mr. William Templin (SG-SCPSC)
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
333 Raspberry Road
Anchorage, Alaska
U.S.A. 99518
Dr. Sang Seon Yun (SG-SCPSC)
Representing Korea
Nereus Laboratories Inc.
19501 144th Ave NE
Woodinville, WA
U.S.A. 98702
+1 425 530 9804