Study Group: Human Dimensions
  • Acronym: SG-HD
  • Parent Committee: SB
  • Term: Oct. 2009 - Oct. 2011
  • Chair: Mitsutaku Makino (Japan)
Terms of Reference

The Implementation Plan for the new PICES integrative science program on “ Forecasting and Understanding Trends, Uncertainty and Responses of North Pacific Marine Ecosystems ” (FUTURE) calls for PICES scientists to make the societal implications of their science more explicit and accessible through long-term engagement and communication activities among scientists, decision makers, stakeholders, and across sectors. Because, different marine sectors view ecosystems in terms of their own economic, cultural and societal needs, the objective of ecosystem conservation is “a societal choice” (Principle 1 of the Ecosystem Approach of the Convention on Biological Diversity). Therefore, the social significance of predicted impacts from climate or ecosystem changes, and the types of information, advice and guidance that might be requested of FUTURE might differ from country to country and sector to sector.

The objective of the Study Group on Human Dimensions is not to design management systems or planning and outreach steps, but to review the role of social sciences practices applied in decision-making in marine sectors around the world. In order to fully utilize the limited time frame of the Study Group (one year), the main focus will be on ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM).

The Study Group intends to:

  1. Review how social science has been used/applied globally and regionally in EBFM and the theoretical basis for these practices;
  2. Review the social scientific tools and information available for EBFM in PICES member countries;
  3. Develop an inventory of practices for use of social economic information appropriate to the circumstances in each of PICES member countries (the term "best practice" is not used because it is expected what is "best" will vary and be determined according to the circumstances in each of PICES member countries);
  4. Prepare a final report on activities and findings of the group and make recommendations on the desirability of establishing an expert group related to socio-economic sciences within PICES and on the role of such group. For example, based on sound social and economic science, the potential expert group should first survey/assess the needs of potential stakeholders for FUTURE products, and SCIENTIFICALLY clarify differences in societal objectives among stakeholders in different sectors and countries.

Annual Meetings



PICES Scientific Reports
PICES Sci. Rep. 39, 2010
Report of the Study Group on Human Dimensions
Rowena Orok (SG-HD)
Economic Analysis and Research Policy Sector
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
200 Kent St., Station 14E231
Ottawa, ON
Canada K1A 0E6
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Ian Perry (WG-28, SG-HD)
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Pacific Biological Station
3190 Hammond Bay Rd.
Nanaimo, BC
Canada V9T 6N7
Phone: (1-250) 756-7137
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Shang Chen (SG-HD)
Research Center for Marine Ecology
First Institute of Oceanography, SOA
6 Xian-Xia Ling Rd., Hi-Tech Park, LaoShan District
Qingdao, Shandong
China, PR 266061
Phone: (86-532) 8896-2852
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Ningsheng Yang (SG-HD)
Research Center of Information and Economy
Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences
150 Qingta Cun, Yongding Rd.
China, PR 100141
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Masahito Hirota (SG-HD)
Marketing and Distribution System Section
National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, FRA
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Yokohama, Kanagawa
Japan 236-8648
Phone: (+81) 45-788-7674
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Mitsutaku Makino (MEQ, SG-HD)
Fisheries Research Agency
2-12-4 Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa
Japan 236-8648
Phone: (81-45) 788-7615
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Dohoon Kim (SG-HD)
Management and Economic Policy
National Fisheries R&D Institute (NFRDI)
152-1 Haean-ro, Gijang-up, Gijang-gun
Korea, R 619705
Phone: +82-51-720-2771
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Jongoh Nam (SG-HD)
Policy Planning Dept., Planning & Coordination Div.
Korea Maritime Institute
#1652, 21 floor, KBS Media Center Bldg., Sangam-Dong, Mapo-Gu
Korea, R 121-270
Phone: (82-2) 2105-4935
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Olga N. Lukyanova (MEQ, HAB-S, WG-28, SG-HD)
Laboratory of Applied Ecology and Ecotoxicology
Pacific Research Fisheries Centre (TINRO-Center)
4 Shevchenko Alley
Vladivostok, Primorsky Kray
Russia 690950
Phone: (7-4232) 400-805
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Anastasia Mednikova (SG-HD)
Khabarovsk Branch of TINRO
13 A Amursky Blvd.
Russia 680028
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Keith R. Criddle (SG-HD)
Fisheries Academic Program
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
17101 Point Lena Loop Rd.
Juneau, AK
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David Lincoln Fluharty (SG-HD)
School of Marine Affairs
University of Washington
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