Study Group: Impacts of Mariculture on Coastal Ecosystems
  • Acronym: SG-IMCE
  • Parent Committee: SB
  • Term: Nov. 2018 - Oct. 2020
  • Chair: Prof. Zengjie Jiang <>
Motivation and Goals:
Mariculture, especially large-scale mariculture, is an important factor affecting coastal ecosystems. In PICES Scientific Report No. 44, a previous PICES expert group (Working Group 24 on Environmental Interactions on Marine Aquaculture) provided analyses and overviews of:
  • Environmental Interactions of Marine Aquaculture
  • Marine Aquaculture Legislative Frameworks and Environmental Interactions Research
  • Pathogens of Aquatic Animals: Detection, Diagnosis and Risks of Interactions Between Wild and Farmed Population
Terms of Reference
  1. Review recent research, activities and priorities related to the effects of pathogenic and harmful organisms derived from mariculture on coastal marine ecosystems in PICES nations;
  2. Assess the opportunities to partner with other organizations to address the issues identified above;
  3. Prepare Terms of Reference for a Working Group to address the issues identified;
  4. Where appropriate, identify opportunities for future PICES expert groups to address issues related to the impacts of aquaculture that were not addressed in the Terms of Reference of the proposed Working Group. This is added in anticipation that the range of issues identified may exceed the capacity for a single PICES working group, in keeping with the recommendation from Working Group 24 to keep subsequent Working Groups focused on specific and tractable objectives;
  5. Review capacity for forecast/projects on the impacts of mariculture on coastal ecosystems to support mariculture management.
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Session and Workshop Summaries

W19, The impacts of mariculture to coastal ecosystems

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