Study Group: Science Communications
  • Acronym: SG-SciCom
  • Parent Committees: HD
  • Established: PICES-2020
  • Duration: PICES-2020 - Jan. 2022 (final report completion)
  • Chair: Dr. Aoi Sugimoto <>
Terms of Reference
  1. Empower PICES Scientists and the broader PICES community, by helping to provide the tools and skills required to more effectively communicate the importance of PICES scientific findings, with the aim of collectively improving ocean sustainability.
  2. Enhance broader communication of PICES sciences, especially within the context of the UN Ocean Decade, by broadening the scope of its scientific community to include communication specialists (e.g., designers, journalists, videographers, artists, educators, etc.) and policy makers.
  1. Establish international transdisciplinary opportunities to enhance communication capacity of PICES scientists. Opportunities will include workshops on science communication, similar to the W1: FUTURE Workshop “Learn to Effectively Communicate Your Science”, held at the 2019 PICES Annual Meeting. However, future workshops will result in finalizing products that will be highlighted on the PICES website.

  2. Collaborate with PICES office with reviewing current PICES Science Plans and priority areas, to determine a long term PICES Communication Strategy and an Implementation Plan for PICES Science priorities, within the context of the UN Decade for Ocean Science.

  3. Collaborate with PICES office to develop a “public-friendly” PICES website (including any other online means). This will include a visually appealing landing page and other content, such as video, short articles, and consensus pieces on PICES science.

  4. Promote “green” science and highlight PICES contributions to carbon reduction on the PICES website by working with the Sections on HD, Carbon and Climate and other expert groups to develop a green strategy for PICES. Develop a strategy for PICES meetings to be carbon neutral within the next decade.

PICES Members as of January 2022
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Winter 2021, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 51-53
PICES new Science Communication Study Group (SG-SciCom): Bringing our science to the world

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