Working Groups

A Working Group is a group of experts that is established with specific terms of reference, by Council, based on the recommendation of Science Board. Most Working Groups report to parent Scientific Committees, others directly to Science Board. Most Working Groups meet annually to undertake specific tasks within their terms of reference. Science Board suggests the members of Working Groups in consultation with the PICES Chairman, and seeks Contracting Parties’ approval and support.

Currently PICES has the following Working Groups:

Active Working Groups:
  • WG 35: Working Group on Third North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report (WG-NPESR3)
    (May 2016 – final report completion)
  • WG 36: Working Group on Common Ecosystem Reference Points across PICES Member Countries
    (PICES-2016 – final report completion)
  • WG 38: Mesoscale and Submesoscale Processes
    (PICES-2016 – final report completion)
  • WG 39: Joint PICES/ICES/PAME Working Group on an Integrated Ecosystem Assessment for the Central Arctic Ocean
    (PICES-2016 – PICES-2022)
  • WG 40: Working Group on Climate and Ecosystem Predictability
    (PICES-2017- final report completion)
  • WG 41: Working Group on Marine Ecosystem Services
    (PICES-2017 - final report completion)
  • WG 42: Working Group on Indicators of Marine Plastic Pollution
    (PICES-2018 - PICES-2022)
  • WG 43: Joint PICES/ICES Working Group on Small Pelagic Fish
    (Dec. 2019 - PICES-2023)
  • WG 44: Joint PICES/ICES Working Group on Integrated Ecosystem Assessment for the Northern Bering Sea - Chukchi Sea
    (PICES-2019 - PICES-2022)
  • WG 45: Joint PICES/ICES Working Group on Impacts of Warming on Growth Rates and Fisheries Yields (GRAFY)
    (Aug. 2020 - PICES-2023)
  • WG 46: Joint PICES/ICES Working Group on Ocean Negative Carbon Emissions (ONCE)
    (PICES-2020 - PICES-2023)
  • WG 47: Working Group on Ecology of Seamounts
    (PICES-2020 - PICES-2023)
  • WG 48: Working Group on Towards best practices using Imaging Systems for Monitoring Plankton (WGISMP)
    (PICES-2020 - )
  • WG 49: Working Group on Climate Extremes and Coastal Impacts in the Pacific
    (PICES-2021 - PICES-2026)
  • WG 50: Working Group on Sub-mesoscale Processes and Marine Ecosystems
    (PICES-2021 - PICES-2024)

Disbanded Working Groups:
  • WG 37: Working Group on Zooplankton Production Methodologies, Applications and Measurements in PICES Regions
    (PICES-2016 – May 2022 (final report submission))
  • WG 34: Joint PICES/ISC Working Group on Ocean Conditions and the Distribution and Productivity of Highly Migratory Fish
    (PICES-2015 - PICES-2020)
  • WG 33: Joint PICES/ICES Working Group on Climate Change and Biologically-driven Ocean Carbon Sequestration
    (PICES-2015 - PICES-2018)
  • WG 32: Working Group on Biodiversity of Biogenic Habitats
    (Jan. 2015 - PICES-2020)
  • WG 31: Working Group on Emerging Topics in Marine Pollution
    (Jan. 2014 – Dec. 2017)
  • WG 30: Working Group on Assessment of Marine Environmental Quality of Radiation around the North Pacific
    (Aug. 2013 - PICES-2017)
  • WG 29: Working Group on Regional Climate Modeling
    (PICES-2011 - PICES-2015)
  • WG 28: Working Group on Development of Ecosystem Indicators to Characterize Ecosystem Responses to Multiple Stressors
    (Jun. 2011 - PICES-2015)
  • WG 27: Working Group on North Pacific Climate Variability and Change
    (Jun. 2011 - PICES-2015)
  • WG 26: Working Group on Jellyfish Blooms around the North Pacific Rim: Causes and Consequences
    (PICES-2010 - PICES-2013)
  • WG 25: Joint PICES/ICES Working Group on Forecasting Climate Change Impacts on Fish and Shellfish
    (PICES-2008 - PICES-2011)
  • WG 24: Working Group on Environmental Interactions of Marine Aquaculture
    (PICES-2008 - PICES-2012)
  • WG 23: Working Group on Comparative Ecology of Krill in Coastal and Oceanic Waters Around the Pacific Rim
    (PICES-2007 - PICES-2011)
  • WG 22: Working Group on Iron Supply and its Impact on Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems in the North Pacific Ocean
    (PICES-2007 - PICES-2010)
  • WG 21: Working Group on Non-indigenous Aquatic Species
    (PICES-2005 - PICES-2013)
  • WG 20: Working Group on Evaluations of Climate Change Projections
    (PICES-2005 - PICES-2010)
  • WG 19: Working Group on Ecosystem-based management science and its application to the North Pacific
    (PICES-2004 - PICES-2009)
  • WG 18: Working Group on Mariculture in the 21st century - The intersection between ecology, socio-economics and production
    (PICES-2003 - PICES-2006)
  • WG NPESR-1: North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report
    (PICES-2002 - PICES-2004)
  • WG 17: Working Group on Biogeochemical data Integration and Synthesis
    (PICES-2001 - PICES-2005)
  • WG 16: Working Group on Climate Change, Shifts in Fish Production, and Fisheries Management
    (PICES-1999 - PICES-2005)
  • WG 15: Working Group on Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in the North Pacific
    (PICES-1999 - PICES-2003)
  • WG 14: Working Group on Effective Sampling of Micronekton to Estimate Ecosystem Carrying Capacity
    (PICES-1997 - PICES-2004)
  • WG 13: Working Group on Carbon Dioxide in the North Pacific
    (PICES-1997 - PICES-2001)
  • WG 12: Working Group on Crabs and Shrimps
    (PICES-1995 - PICES-2001)
  • WG 11: Working Group on Consumption of Marine Resources by Marine Birds and Mammals
    (PICES-1995 - PICES-1999)
  • WG 10: Working Group on Circulation and ventilation in the Japan/East Sea
    (PICES-1995 - PICES-1999)
  • WG 9: Working Group on Subarctic Pacific Monitoring
    (PICES-1994 - PICES-1997)
  • WG 8: Working Group on Practical Assessment Methodology
    (PICES-1994 - PICES-2000)
  • WG 7: Working Group on Modeling of the Subarctic North Pacific Circulation
    (PICES-1993 - PICES-1995)
  • WG 6: Working Group on Subarctic Gyre
    (PICES-1992 - PICES-1994)
  • WG 5: Working Group on Bering Sea
    (PICES-1992 - PICES-1996)
  • WG 4: Working Group on Data Collection and Quality Control
    (PICES-1992 - PICES-1994)
  • WG 3: Working Group on Dynamics of Small Pelagics in Coastal Eecosystems
    (PICES-1992 - PICES-1995)
  • WG 2: Working Group on Development of Common Assessment Methodology for Marine Pollution
    (PICES-1992 - PICES-1994)
  • WG 1: Working Group on Okhotsk Sea and Oyashio Region
    (PICES-1992 - PICES-1993)