Working Group 9: Subarctic Pacific Monitoring
  • Acronym: WG 9
  • Parent Committee: SB
  • Term: Oct. 1994 - Oct. 1997
  • Co-Chairs:
    Kimio Hanawa (Japan)
    Bruce A. Taft (USA)
Terms of Reference
  1. The WG will be responsible for planning the monitoring activities in the PICES area, including proposing priorities and schedules, and including physical, biological, and chemical measurements;
  2. The WG should cooperate with the GOOS Ocean Observing Panel for Climate, the GOOS Living Marine Resources Science Planning Group, the Scientific Steering Committee of the PICES-GLOBEC Climate Change and Carrying Capacity Program, and other such bodies as may be needed;
  3. The WG will work with the PICES Technical Committee on Data Exchange to ensure timely and open exchange of monitoring data between participants and to external data users, as a mechanism to control the quality and relevance of the data;
  4. The WG will report regularly to the PICES Science Board.
Annual Meetings


1996, 1995

PICES Scientific Report
PICES Sci. Rep. No.3, 1995
Monitoring Subarctic North Pacific Variability
David W. Welch
Production Assessment Section
Pacific Biological Station
Hammond Bay Road,
Nanaimo, B.C.,
Canada. V9R 5K6
C.S. Wong
Climate Chemistry Lab.
Institute of Ocean Sciences
P.O. Box 6000
Sidney, BC
Canada V8L 4B2
Phone: (1-250) 363-6407
Fax: (1-250) 363-6476
Ichio Asanuma
690 Sekine, Mutsu,
Japan. 035
Kimio Hanawa
Department of Geophysics
Graduate School of Science
Tohoku University
Japan. 980-77
Shao-Sai Ma
Marine Environment Protection
Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute
106 Nanjing Road,
Qingdao, Shandong,
People’s Republic of China. 266071
Yu-Hwan Ahn
Marine Remote Sensing Division
Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute
Ansan P.O. Box 29,
Republic of Korea. 425-600
Cheol-soo Kim
Cheolsoo Kim Physical Oceanography Division
Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute (KORDI)
Ansan P.O. 29,
Seoul, Republic of Korea. 425-600
Sin-Jae Yoo
Marine Ecology Laboratory
Korea Ocean Research & Dev. Institute (KORDI)
Ansan P.O. Box 29,
Korea. 425-600
Lev N. Bocharov
Pacific Research Institute of Fisheries & Oceanography (TINRO)
4 Shevchenko Alley,
Russia. 69060
Eugenii I. Lastovetsky
S.N. Sterkhov
Charles B. Miller
College of Oceanography
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-5503
Bruce A. Taft
Ocean Climate Research Division
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, NOAA
7600 Sand Point Way NE,
Seattle, WA 98115-0070