Working Group 32: Biodiversity of Biogenic Habitats
Terms of Reference

Year 1:

  • Compile data on the distribution of coral and sponge taxa, and associated fish and invertebrate assemblages in the North Pacific within National Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) and facilitate their submission to appropriate biodiversity databases (e.g., Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS));
  • Compile data on key variables (temperature, velocity, ocean acidification, slope, aspect) hypothesized to influence coral and sponge distribution and diversity and catalogue sources of multibeam/swathe bathymetry data for distribution modeling within National EEZs;
  • Hold a WG meeting, in conjunction with PICES Annual Meeting.

Year 2:

  • Review modeling approaches to predict the potential distributions of species and habitat suitability for corals and sponges (e.g., MaxEnt, Boosted Regression Trees, or high resolution bathymetry-based models) within National EEZs;
  • Identify environmental and ecological predictors of patterns in the distribution and biodiversity of coral, sponge and associated taxa within National EEZs;
  • Convene a session on biogenic habitat distribution and diversity at PICES Annual Meeting;
  • Hold a WG meeting, in conjunction with PICES Annual Meeting.

Year 3:

  • Review and propose potential indicators for assessing and monitoring diversity of biogenic habitats;
  • Review and document associations between commercially important fish and invertebrate species and biogenic habitats;
  • Prepare scientific reports for dissemination of results;
  • Hold a WG meeting, in association with PICES Annual Meeting.
Annual Meetings


2017, 2016, 2015

Session and Workshop Summaries

S4, Indicators for assessing and monitoring biodiversity of biogenic habitats

S13, Joint PICES-ICES Session on Anthropogenic effects on biogeochemical processes, carbon export and sequestration: Impact on ocean ecosystem services

W3, Distributions of habitat-forming coral and sponge assemblages in the North Pacific Ocean and factors influencing their distributions

Symposia / Inter-sessional Workshops




PICES Scientific Reports
Primary Journals
Related Materials
PICES Sci. Rep. No. 49, 2015
Report of the Study Group on Biodiversity Conservation
Other Publications
ICES. 2020. ICES/NAFO Joint Working Group on Deep-water Ecology (WGDEC). ICES Scientific Reports. 2:62. 171 pp.
Dr. Janelle Curtis (BIO, WG-32)
WG-32 Co-Chair
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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Dr. Anya Dunham (FIS, WG-32)
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Dr. Chris Rooper (WG-32, WG-43)
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Dr. Masashi Kiyota (WG-32)
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Dr. Go Suzuki (WG-32)
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Prof. Feng Zhao (WG-32)
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Ms. Hye-Won Moon (WG-32)
Marine Bio-Resources and Information Center
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Dr. Seonock Woo (WG-32)
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST)
Youngdo-gu, Haeyangro 385
Busan, Republic of Korea 49111
Dr. Tatiana N. Dautova (WG-32)
National Scientific Center of Marine Biology, FEB RAS, FEFU
17 Palchevskogo St.
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Dr. John M Guinotte (WG-32)
Marine Conservation Institute
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Dr. Les Watling (WG-32)
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