PICES Special Publication No. 1

Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific
Perry, R.I. and McKinnell, S.M. [Eds.] 2004, 280 p.

ISBN: 1-897176-00-7
ISSN: 1813-8519

Table of Contents

Cover [pdf, 6.5Mb]
Foreword and Table of Contents [pdf, 2.8 Mb]


    Key Messages [pdf, 2.5 Mb]
      Ocean Productivity
      Living Marine Resources

Ocean and Climate Changes [pdf, 4.1Mb]
Yellow Sea / East China Sea [pdf, 2.3 Mb]
Japan/East Sea [pdf, 3.3 Mb]
Okhotsk Sea [pdf, 1.7 Mb]
Oyashio / Kuroshio [pdf, 4.5 Mb]
Western Subarctic Gyre [pdf, 4.5 Mb]
Bering Sea [pdf, 2.2 Mb]
Gulf of Alaska [pdf, 2.6 Mb]
California Current [pdf, 2.7 Mb]
Gulf of California [pdf, 1.7 Mb]
Transition Zone [pdf, 2.5 Mb]
Tuna [pdf, 1.5 Mb]
Pacific halibut [pdf, 1.1 Mb]
Pacific salmon [Updated, pdf, 0.4 Mb]
    Status and Trends
      Washington, Oregon, and California
      British Columbia
      Southeast Alaska
      Central Alaska
      Western Alaska

References [pdf, 0.5 Mb]

Erratum: Chapter 14. Pacific Salmon

We have been advised that the published version of Chapter 14 contains several errors in the text and the data tables. The revised data tables can be found in the following EXCEL spreadsheet. Values that differ from the published version have been highlighted in red. A benefit of the update is that two more years have been added so the data are now complete up to 2003. Finally, as a consequence of the Republic of Korea joining then NPAFC, catches of chum salmon by Korea have been added.

1. Revised Pacific salmon catch data (excel file, 0.3 Mb ).
2. Revised NPAFC Doc. No. 723 (3) (pdf file, 0.4 Mb ).
3. List of revisions to the text (excel file, 0.01 Mb ).