Climate Change and Carrying Capacity Programe
  • Acronym: CCCC
  • Parent Committee: SB
  • Term: 1995-2009
  • Mailing List: comes from DB
  • Past Co-Chairs:
    Harold (Hal) Batchelder (2001 – 2009, USA)
    Michio Kishi (2006 – 2009, Japan)
    Suam Kim (2003 – 2006, Korea)
    Makoto Kashiwai (2000 – 2003, Japan)
    David Welch (1998 – 2001, Canada)
    Suam Kim (1998 – 2000, Korea)
    Yutaka Nagata (1997 – 1998, Japan)
    Patricia Livingston (1996 – 1998, USA)
    Daniel M. Ware (1995 – 1996, Canada)
    Warren S. Wooster (1995 – 1997, USA)
  • Action Plan
  • The Climate Change and Carrying Capacity Program is the first major interdisciplinary initiative undertaken by the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES). The ultimate goal of CCCC is to forecast the consequences of climate variability on the ecosystems of the subarctic Pacific.
Terms of Reference
  1. Integrate and stimulate national activities on the effects of climate variations on the marine ecosystems of the Subarctic North;
  2. Determine how the work of PICES Scientific Committees and Working Groups can support the program;
  3. Identify national/international research programs with which the CCCC Program could coordinate;
  4. Provide scientific direction.
CCCC Disbanded Groups

TT-MODEL: Task Team on Conceptual/Theoretical and Modeling Studies
(Oct. 1995 - Oct. 2009)

TT-CFAME: Task Team on Climate Forcing and Marine Ecosystem Response
(Oct. 2004 - Oct. 2009)

TT-BASS: Task Team on Basin Studies
(Oct. 1995 - Oct. 2004)

TT-MONITOR: Task Team on Monitoring
(Oct. 1997 - Oct. 2004)

TT-NEXT: NEMURO (North Pacific Ecosystem Model for Understanding Regional Oceanography) Experimental Plan Team
(Oct. 2002 - Oct. 2003)

TT-REX: Task Team on Regional Experiments
(Oct. 1996 - Oct. 2004)

Annual Meetings


2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997

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PICES Climate Change and Carrying Capacity Workshop on the Development of Cooperative Research in Coastal Regions of the North Pacific

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Report of the PICES-GLOBEC International Program on Climate Change and Carrying Capacity
Primary Journals
The Northern Humboldt Current System: Ocean Dynamics, Ecosystem Processes, and Fisheries
(Guest Editors: Arnaud Bertrand, Renato Guevara-Carrasco, Pierre Soler, Jorge Csirke and Francisco Chavez)
Prog. Oceanogr., 2008, Vol. 79, No 2-4 pp. 95-412
PICES Members as of October 2009