Working Group 35: Third North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report (WG-NPESR3)

This Working Group will conduct the synthesis of the foundational Environmental Time Series Observations (ETSOs). According to the schedule and duties described in the NPESR Implementation Plan (Qingdao, October 2015), the WG will coordinate and communicate with the SG-NPESR3, the NPESR Editorial Board, and other concerned parties to effect an orderly transition of duties as the work of the Study Group is concluded after PICES-2016.

Following PICES-2016, the Working Group will work with the Editorial Board and the authors of the individual ETSOs to develop regional syntheses, culminating in a North Pacific synthesis. Following production of the North Pacific synthesis, the WG will serve as editors for the Alaska Fisheries Science Center’s Resource Ecology and Ecosystem Modeling project as it produces the regional syntheses and these are combined into a web-published NPESR3. At the pleasure of the Editorial Board, the Science Board and Governing Council, the Working Group may participate in developing and producing NPESR publications in other formats. For definition of items listed in the terms of reference and more precise scheduling information please refer to the Third Ecosystem Status Report Implementation Plan.

Terms of Reference
  1. Consult with the Editorial Board and SG-NPESR3 on the selection of authors to be included in the NPESR3 syntheses;
  2. Lead the authors of the NPESR3 in regional synthetic analyses of trends in ETSOs of the individual North Pacific ecosystems as determined by the WG in consultation with the Editorial Board and the Science Board;
  3. Convene the North Pacific Synthesis Workshop (2017) to include the working group members and the authors of the ETSOs to develop an overarching synthesis of North Pacific Ecosystems in formats to be determined by WG, the Editorial Board, and the Science Board;
  4. Work with the Editorial Board (or its designees) to edit sections of the NPESR3 as they are produced;
  5. Lead the production of the Third North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report in cooperation with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center’s Resource Ecology and Ecosystem Modeling.
Key Information for ETSOs:

PICES Working Group-35 is in the process of producing the third in a series of North Pacific Ecosystem Status Reports (NPESR) that assess the status and trends in North Pacific marine ecosystems, and the vulnerability and resilience of ecosystems to pressures from climate and human activities. The intended audience is primarily scientists involved in the study of climate and marine ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean, but also includes governments who deal with issues of policy and management of North Pacific marine systems, and the general public.

The overall NPESR-3 development process starts with the compilation of relevant Ecosystem Time Series Observations (ETSOs). These ETSOs will form the basis of an assessment for each of 15 regions that cover the North Pacific (see map below, and list of region lead authors). PICES has developed a website that allows ETSOs to be submitted on-line. This facilitates access to scientific data and metadata by the lead authors for each regional assessment.

The on-line submission of ETSOs has been designed to be as straightforward as possible and your submission is very much appreciated. If any issues arise please contact the PICES national ETSO representatives:
Canada: Peter Chandler
China: Guangshui Na
Japan: Kazuaki Tadokoro
Korea: Dong-Jin Kang
Russia: Vladimir Kulik
USA: Jeanette Gann

North Pacific Status Ecosystem Report – 3
PICES Working Group 35 (WG-35) has identified biogeographic regions shown below, with a numbering convention approved by the PICES Science Board.

The Lead Author for each region:
11: Bill Sydeman
12: Stephani Zador, Steve Kasperski
13: Elizabeth Siddon
14: Matt Baker
15: Ivonne Ortiz
16: Kirill Kivva
17: Yury Zuenko
18: Hiroshi Kuroda
19: Vyacheslav Lobanov
20: Sinjae Yoo
21: Yu Fei
22: Kazuaki Tadokoro
23: Tsuneo Ono
24: Sonia Batten

The Editorial Board of NPESR3 is comprised of:
Hal Batchelder (Coordinating editor; Secretariat; Sect 1,2 and others as appropriate)
Se-Jong Ju (BIO; All sections related to phytoplankton, zooplankton)
Steve Lindley (FIS; All sections related to fish)
Guangshui Na (MEQ: All sections MEQ related; contaminants, pollution; plastics, etc.)
Manu Di Lorenzo (POC; all sections related to physical oceanography)
Slava Lobanov (MONITOR; misc. sections including Sect 1, 2)
Yutaka Watanuki (Any sections with info on Seabirds)
Kaoru Hattori (Any sections with info on marine mammals)
Keith Criddle (Any sections with info on human dimensions)

Special Publication

Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean 2009–2016: Synthesis Report
Chandler, P.C. and Yoo, S. [Eds.] 2021. Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean 2009–2016: Synthesis Report, PICES Special Publication 7, 82 pp.

ISSN: 1813-8519
ISBN: 978-1-927797-41-9
ISBN (Web version): 978-1-927797-42-6

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Report of Working Group 35 on the Third North Pacific Ecosystem Status Report
at the Intersessional Meeting 9-11 April 2017, NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

What are Marine Ecological Time Series telling us about the ocean?
A status report. IOC_UNESCO, 2017, IOC Technical Series, 129

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NOWPAP - State of the Marine Environment Report from the NOWPAP Region (SOMER 2)


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