Working Group 38: Mesoscale and Submesoscale Processes
  • Acronym: WG 38
  • Parent Committee: POC
  • Term: PICES-2016 – PICES-2021
  • Extended
    at PICES-2018 until PICES-2019
    at PICES-2019 until PICES-2020
    at PICES-2020 until PICES-2021
  • Final Product TBA
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Annalisa Bracco <>
    Co-Chair: Dr. Hiromichi Ueno <>
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Terms of Reference
  1. Review and document the current understanding of meso-/submeso-scale processes and their impact in the North Pacific.
  2. Summarize the detection, observation and modeling methods of meso-/submeso-scale processes.
  3. Classify meso-/submeso-scale features, and identify their spatio-temporal variations.
  4. Compare the impacts of meso-/submeso-scale processes on heat/material transport and marine ecosystems between areas in the PICES region.
  5. Convene a session or workshop on meso-/submeso-scale processes at PICES Annual Meetings.
  6. Publish a final report summarizing results.
Annual Meetings


2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Session and Workshop Summaries

S12, Impacts of meso-/submeso- scale processes on heat/material transport and on marine ecosystems

S5, Seasonal to interannual variations of meso-/submeso-scale processes in the North Pacific

S9, Meso-/submeso-scale processes and their role in marine ecosystems

W8, Mesoscale and submesoscale processes in the North Pacific: History and new challenges

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