PICES Special Publication No. 2

CoML report: Marine Life in the North Pacific: The Known, Unknown, and Unknowable
Perry, R.I. and McKinnell, S.M. [Eds.] 2005

ISBN: 1-897176-01-5
ISSN: 1813-8519

Table of Contents

Foreword [p.3]
Summary [p.4]



    Core Census Information [p.8]
    Function-Related Information [p.9]
The Known
    Bacterioplankton [p.14]
    Phytoplankton [p. 15]
    Zooplankton [p.18]
    Unexploited Fishes and Invertbrates [p.21]
    Commercially Important Fishes and Invertebrates [p.24]
    Seabirds [p.30]
    Marine Mammals [p.30]
    Turtles [p.31]
The Unknown
    Bacterioplankton [p.34]
    Phytoplankton [p.34]
    Zooplankton [p.34]
    Benthic Invertebrates [p.34]
    Fishes [p.35]
    Seabirds and Marine Mammals [p.35]
    Exciting Discoveries [p.36]
The Unknowable
    Fundamentally Unknowable [p.39]
    Applied Unknowables[p.40]
    Policy Implications of Unknowables [p.40]
Workshop Participants

The following files are not included into publication:
Bacterioplankton [pdf]
Phytoplankton [pdf]
Zooplankton [pdf]
Non-exploited fish and invertebrates [pdf]
Commercially-important fish and invertebrates [pdf]
Marine birds [pdf]
Mammals [pdf]
Supplemental table of Unknowns [shtml]