PICES Chair Award
(Approved May 2016)


In 2016, The PICES Governing Council approved the establishment of a new award, the PICES Chair Award. The award is given for sustained contributions to the development of the Organization that have allowed it to meet the purpose as set out in the Convention:

Article III: Purpose of the Organization:
  • to promote and coordinate marine scientific research in order to advance scientific knowledge of the area concerned and of its living resources, including but not necessarily limited to research with respect to the ocean environment and its interactions with land and atmosphere, its role in and response to global weather and climate change, its flora, fauna and ecosystems, its uses and resources, and impacts upon it from human activities;
  • to promote the collection and exchange of information and data related to marine scientific research in the area concerned.


Nominations are accepted annually from the PICES community although the award may not be given every year if a suitable candidate is not found. More than one award may be given in a year. The Selection Committee consists of the PICES Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee. The Award Presentation Ceremony takes place at an Opening Session during the PICES Annual Meeting.

Send nominations for the 2019 PICES Chair Award, with supporting documentation, to the PICES Executive Secretary by JULY 30, 2019.

PICES Chair Award Recipients
For their sustained contributions to the development of the Organization


Tokio Wada (Japan)


John Stein (USA)



Richard (Rich) Marasco (U.S.A.)

Dr. Marasco was Chair of the PICES Finance and Administration Committee (F&A) from 1998 – 2004. In his leadership role, he designed a financial approach that allowed the organization to expand in the absence of real increases in the annual fees. He also worked tirelessly to build relationships across diverse cultures in PICES, and he advocated for the importance of PICES within his home organization, NOAA, encouraging younger scientists to take up leadership roles in the organization.

Alexander (Alex) Bychkov (Russia/PICES Secretariat)

Dr. Bychkov was the PICES Executive Secretary from 1999-2014. His dedication and hard work are key drivers that have moved PICES from a regional North Pacific science organization to a well-respected and recognized truly global organization, leading important initiatives in climate change and marine ecosystem science.