PICES Ocean Monitoring Service Award

[Revised October 2019 - Decision 2019/S/12]


Progress in many aspects of marine science is based on ocean observations, monitoring, and the management and dissemination of the data provided by these activities. Long-term monitoring observations are particularly critical to detecting and understanding ecosystem changes. In addition to long-term monitoring, there are new innovative observation methods that are being developed alongside technological advancements, such as autonomous vehicles, remote data collection, ocean observing systems, new sensors and techniques and algorithms, which contribute to implementation of sustainable observation. Monitoring activities are often taken for granted or even targeted for budget cuts when organizations experience financial constraints. With this in mind, it was proposed at the 2006 Annual Meeting in Yokohama, Japan, that a new PICES award be established to acknowledge monitoring and data management activities that contribute to the progress of marine science in the North Pacific. The principles of the award were approved at the 2007 inter-sessional Science Board/Governing Council meeting, also in Yokohama, and the name and description of the award were finalized at the 2007 Annual Meeting in Victoria, Canada. At PICES-2019, a review of the Award was conducted and a decision was reached to broaden the eligibility criteria to include “innovative advances in ocean monitoring and service”.


The PICES Ocean Monitoring Service Award (POMA) aims to recognize organizations, groups and outstanding individuals that have contributed significantly to the advancement of marine science in the North Pacific through long-term ocean monitoring, data management, and innovative advances in ocean monitoring. The award also strives to enlighten the public on the importance of those activities as fundamental to marine science. It draws attention to an important aspect of the PICES Convention that is not so much in the limelight: "to promote the collection and exchange of information and data related to marine scientific research in the area concerned."


The award is given for significant contributions to the progress of marine science in the North Pacific through long-term monitoring operations, management of data associated with ocean conditions and marine bio-resources in the region, development of advanced and innovative technologies for ocean monitoring or all categories. Recipients may include, for example, research vessels, research or administrative institutes or portions thereof, or technical groups involved in monitoring, data management and dissemination, or the development of tools or technologies that have been shown to enhance ocean monitoring, or a combination of these activities. Outstanding individual efforts may also be recognized.

Nomination and Selection

Nominations from individuals or groups from PICES member countries should be sent with supporting documentation to the Executive Secretary (Sonia.Batten@pices.int) by the deadline specified in the Call for Nominations. The Technical Committee on Monitoring (MONITOR) and the Technical Committee on Data Exchange (TCODE) will evaluate independently the documents submitted with each nomination, and recommend some or all of the nominations for consideration by Science Board. Evaluations will include the relevance, duration and balance of activities (ocean observation, resource monitoring, data management, etc.). If more than one nomination is considered worthy of recognition by MONITOR or TCODE, rank preferences will be provided to Science Board by each Technical Committee. A maximum of one award will be given each year. To keep a large pool of potential candidates, Science Board will reserve any surplus of recommendations for review in two consecutive years and will be reactivated if nominator gives approval.

Award and Presentation

The award consists of a certificate signed by the PICES Chair and the PICES Science Board Chair, which will be presented to the recipients (or their representative) at the Opening Session of the PICES Annual Meeting. No financial support from PICES will be provided to the recipient to attend the Annual Meeting where the award is given. Should any representative be unable to attend the Annual Meeting, a Delegate of the recipient's country will be asked to accept the award on behalf of the recipient.

Call for Nominations

Nominations for the POMA Award are accepted annually from NOVEMBER 1st of the preceding year, to MARCH 31st of the award year. Nominations, along with supporting documentation, should be sent to the PICES Executive Secretary (Sonia.Batten@pices.int) by MARCH 31. Late nominations will not be accepted.

PICES Ocean Monitoring Service Award (POMA) recipients

2023 POMA
HAB monitoring and research programmes in China
PICES-2023 Opening Ceremony: Awards | Certificate TBA| PICES Press 2024, Vol. 32, No. 1 TBA|

2022 POMA
Japanese monitoring research activities on mezozooplankton
YouTube (46:05) | Certificate | PICES Press, Vol. 31, No. 1, page 18 |

2021 POMA
Ecosystems and Fisheries-Oceanography Coordinated Investigations EcoFOCI Program (NOAA)

2020 POMA
La Perouse Program, DFO Canada

2018 POMA
International Argo Steering Team

2017 POMA
Newport Hydrographic Line (USA)

2016 POMA
Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) 137°E Repeat Hydrographic Section

2015 POMA
TINRO-Centre Macrofauna Inventory Publication Series

2014 POMA
Trans-Pacific Volunteer Observing Ship (VOS) Survey Program

2013 POMA
A-line Monitoring Program

2012 POMA
California Cooperative Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI)

2011 POMA
NFRDI Serial Oceanographic Observation in Korean Waters (NSO)

2010 POMA
Station Papa / Line-P

2009 POMA
Metadata Federation Project (MFP) teams

2008 POMA