Working Group 19: Ecosystem-based management science and its application to the North Pacific
  • Acronym: WG 19
  • Parent Committee: MEQ, FIS
  • Term: Oct. 2004 - Oct. 2009
  • Co-Chairs:
    Glen Jamieson (Canada)
    Chang-Ik Zhang (Korea)
    Patricia Livingston (USA)
Terms of Reference
  1. Describe and implement a standard reporting format for EBM initiatives (including more than fishery management) in each PICES country, including a listing of the ecosystem based management objectives of each country.
  2. Describe relevant national marine ecosystem monitoring approaches and plans and types of models for predicting human and environmental influences on ecosystems. Identify key information gaps and research and implementation challenges.
  3. Evaluate the indicators from the 2004 Symposium on “Quantitative Ecosystem Indicators for Fisheries Management” for usefulness and application to the North Pacific.
  4. Review existing definitions of “eco-regions” and identify criteria that could be used for defining ecological boundaries relevant to PICES.
  5. Hold an inter-sessional workshop in Year 2 or 3 of the WG's mandate that addresses the status and progress of EBM science efforts in the PICES region, with the deliverable being either a special journal issue or a review article.
  6. Recommend to PICES further issues and activities that address the achievement of EBM in the Pacific.
Annual Meetings


2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

Session and Workshop Summaries


January 2005, Vol. 13, No. 1
The new PICES Working Group on Ecosystem-based management

PICES Scientific Reports

PICES Sci. Rep. No. 37, 2010
Report of Working Group 19 on Ecosystem-based Management Science and its Applicaiton to the North Pacific

PICES Sci. Rep. No. 34, 2008
Forecasting Climate Impacts on Future Production of Commercially Exploited Fish and Shellfish

See Products of the Study Group on "Ecosystem-based management science and its application to the North Pacific" (Oct. 2003 - Oct. 2004) - SG-EBM

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