The Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey of the North Pacific (DATA)

Phytoplankton Colour Index

This is a semi-quantitative representation of the total phytoplankton biomass and includes the organisms that are too fragile to survive the sampling process intact but which leave a stain on the mesh. See Batten, S.D., Walne, A.W., Edwards, M. and Groom, S. B. (2003) Phytoplankton biomass from Continuous Plankton Recorder data: An assessment of the phytoplankton colour index. Journal of Plankton Research 25, 697-702.

Acknowledgment to be used in any reports/publications (but please check prior to final publication for amendments):
Pacific CPR data collection is supported by a consortium for the North Pacific CPR survey coordinated by the North Pacific Marine Science Organisation (PICES) and comprising the North Pacific Research Board (NPRB), Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council (EVOS TC), Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and the the Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA).

Please send a copy of any publications/reports arising from the use of Pacific CPR data to Co-ordinator Pacific CPR Survey, Clare Ostle,

AKsh = Alaskan Shelf
AleutSh = Aleutian Shelf
CoastBC = Coastal British Columbia
CookIn = Cook Inlet
NEJap = North East Japan Shelf
NGoA = Northen Gulf of Alaska
Offshore BC = Offshore British Columbia
SouthBerSea = Southern Bering Sea
WGoA = Western Gulf of Alaska
WNPacific = Western North Pacific

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